Our Company

The demands of the times change and so do we! An additional requirement of the world that deals with sewing in general, are automated machines, adapted to make them more productive, faster and easier to use.


To the already existing sewing machine repairs and sales department, an additional section is added, which focuses on custom -made machines, also sewing machine guides, support machines for each sewing industry, automation related to sewing, as well as designing and manufacturing components or even machines for sewing, packaging, transporting and organizing special products such as mattresses, umbrellas, fishing nets, neoprene diving suits, packaging machines and i much more!


Wanting to continue to provide high quality services, we mostly use heavy duty European and Japanese machines around each automated sewing station. We use the highest quality raw materials with only goal in optimizing and trouble-free operation.  Our company, having the experience of long experience, know-how, high technical training, specialization, utilization of precision machinery and tools, wishes to be a helper in every step of every customer's business endeavor, providing highly efficient and cost-effective solutions. .Contact us to discuss your thoughts and plans and find the perfect solution for your production. 

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